Your website is the first point of contact for potential customers; it’s your virtual storefront. Titan’s seasoned website wizards will design a fast-loading, mobile-friendly and responsive website designed to cater to the end user. We have developed more than 1000 sites and achieved amazing results for our clients. Each component that we incorporate into your business’ website design is geared towards making your business grow.

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Your business is unique so shouldn’t your website be too? Whether you require a straightforward informational site or a completely tailored e-commerce website, Titan will create a solution to suit your needs.

We will tailor your business’ website to the core services or products that you provide, and craft it in a way that speaks to your target audience. It will also adhere to all search engine requirements ensuring that the algorithms fully understand your website. From navigation, theme, layout and content to clear calls to action, the user experience will be designed to maximise conversions. You don’t just want people visiting your site, you want them to make a decision, whether it’s to buy something or to make contact.

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Design is often associated with purely the visual aspects of your website, but effective website design entails much more than that.  As the virtual pamphlet of your business it plays a multitude of roles, including: attracting, informing and converting your consumers. In order to accomplish this, certain key elements must be taken into consideration:

  • Layout

The layout and structure of your website is very important, it should enable visitors to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. An effective layout is simple, logical and uncluttered. It should be visually appealing, reflect your company brand and provide a practical and enjoyable user experience. This includes making sure that your brand colours flow seamlessly across your website.

  • Content & font

The choice of font is critical. Not only are there a finite number of fonts that are considered “web-safe fonts” but the font must be easy to read, making sure that any information is easily digested.

The message behind your content and the choice of words used must be relevant to your business and your target market. This is where search engine optimisation comes into play. It will inform the style and tone of your copy, ensuring your site ranks well for the right key words in the correct industries.

  • Media

Media consists of photos, illustrations, graphics and video content. These media elements are used to provide some colour and multi-media diversity to your website, striking a fine balance between rich content and your website’s loading time. A beautifully crafted website often underperforms simply because site visitors lose patience with slow loading times, cancelling the page and going elsewhere.

  • Functionality

Website design needs to consider your business’s offerings and what functionality is required. Your consumer should be able to click and interact with your site and have it respond accordingly. Functionality is only relevant to what your business needs. If you only need images and copy – great. If you want a fully interactive website with e-commerce functionality for your online shop – it’s no problem. But you’ll only pay for the functionality that you require.


  • It’s outdated in look and feel

Nothing makes clients do a 180° turn more than a poorly designed or outdated website. It doesn’t instill confidence in the company and can make for a very frustrating user experience. Redesigning your website can address these problems and ensure you website is not relying on third party tools from a bygone era.

  • It’s not achieving your business objective

Your website exists to perform a range of functions, including: building your customer base, growing your business and improving your bottom line. Even if it is an aesthetic masterpiece, if your website is not helping your business achieve its objectives it needs to change.

  • It no longer reflects your brand

Is your business rebranding? If your business is taking a new direction or restructuring, you need to redesign your website to reflect these changes. Failure to do so could confuse potential clients, and worse, alienate your existing ones.

  • Non-responsive and slow loading

With users accessing your website on a range of devices, including desktops, laptops and smart phones, a rigid design that is non-responsive will make it difficult for users to easily access the information they require. Your website should be user-friendly and responsive across the full range of mobile and desktop devices.

  • You need to reestablish your competitive advantage

We’re not saying that each time your competitors redesign their website, so should you. However, if their new look changes market perception and reduces the traffic coming to your website then it might well be time for a redesign. This will help you reestablish your competitive advantage, move back up the search engine rankings and show your clients that you are a progressive, dynamic business.

  • Site audit

Before simply redesigning your website, we will conduct a site audit that determines whether a redesign is necessary.


Websites are becoming more and more sophisticated. With the average person’s attention span lasting just a few seconds, when someone does arrive on your site, you want to keep them there and make an impression. That’s where we come in.  Contact us today.

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