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The Internet is littered with countless competitors vying for your target market’s attention. How do you make sure that your potential clients find you and select you as their first choice? Titan’s proven SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy and implementation is your answer. Part science and part art, correctly implemented SEO techniques will maximise your business’s reach and exposure.

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At Titan, we work tirelessly to increase your website visibility and tailor your site to your specific target market for a superior user experience. Your brand will be the elephant in the room that’s the talk of the town, and the envy of every one of your competitors.

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SEO (search engine optimisation) is the practice of attracting website traffic to your website by improving your search engine visibility. Google for example, uses several evaluation and ranking factors to determine the credibility and authority of your site, but continuously changes its criteria to match the latest user needs and search trends. As SEO specialists, we help you to have an attractive and informative website. We help search engines like Google to be able to understand your website better which in turn helps it to show your website to the most relevant search engine users.

When an SEO strategy is properly implemented, you will experience an increase in relevant traffic to your website which in turn helps to improve your conversions.


When you are searching for anything online you open your favourite search engine, generally Google. Once you’ve typed in your chosen search terms and keywords, the search engine results page (SERP) loads. The user is now free to choose from any link on the page or to continue looking, 90% of the time users click on links they find on page 1; that’s where you want your business to be.

A search engine is a programme that identifies information and websites that correspond with the keywords and terms you use in a particular search. Considering the amount of information available across the web, search engines play an important role sifting through all the data to show you what’s most relevant. More important is how well the search engine understands your website and whether your adverts encourage engagement.


SEO and PPC are distinguished by two main features; the cost incurred and the duration. SEO results are organic, whereas PPC results in a cost for each click made by a user. Furthermore, SEO is for the foreseeable future whereas PPC only lasts as long as the campaign. A balance between both initiatives is necessary for the best holistic results.


Search engines like Google rank and index hundreds of millions of web pages. They do this by sending out crawlers to gather data from websites. The search engine then uses an algorithm to determine how relevant a website is to a particular search term, and how to ensure the best possible results for their users.

Making it as easy for search engines to read and understand your website.

Our job is to make sure that your website is both user and search engine friendly. This starts with the layout of your site and includes the speed, content and overall user experience. Get these right and you open a world of potential business.

With top-level SEO and content specialists, we will help you produce content that your clients can connect with. Selling your products or services is no longer about just your website, it’s the entire digital experience that brings in new customers and keeps them.


Whether intentional or not, every website uses the principles of SEO. The difference in performance, however, is determined by how well a website implements those principles. If a search engine cannot understand your website it can result in two outcomes:

  • Zero to low website traffic due to low website visibility in the search engine
  • Visitors who don’t have an interest in the products and services you offer

Both cases show just how important your choice of words can be and why your choice of SEO agency is critical. You must speak the language of your audience to give your brand the best opportunity to connect with them. The wrong choice of words and you’ll attract first time visitors who will exit (bounce) just as quickly as they arrived. On the other hand, the wrong choice of words will simply leave your business in obscurity, undiscovered by anyone.

Most users rarely venture as far as the second page of search engine results. In most cases, we try our hand at the first results on the first page before searching for another term.

Titan’s holistic approach to digital marketing will optimise the effectiveness of your communications, branding and overall online presence. This is the most affordable and effective way of finding new customers and increasing your sales volume.

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