Failing to market your business online is the equivalent of setting up a billboard in the middle of nowhere – pointless. PPC advertising (Google AdWords) is your gateway to increased website exposure and traffic. Most of all, it will help spearhead your marketing initiatives for superior growth.

The precision with which PPC works, puts you in full view of your desired audience. Combine this with the ability to target users based on their interests and search terms, and it’s a no brainer, PPC is effective and affordable. Every cent spent should bring you a notable return on your investment. Get in touch  with Titan today for a PPC agency with unrivalled PPC management expertise.

Being competitive in today’s economy demands precision. Working with us guarantees you the services of digital marketing specialists with your business’s interests as our prime consideration.


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising, one of the most powerful methods to secure targeted traffic to your website. What’s more, despite the compelling results you can achieve with a well-executed campaign, it is impressively cost-effective, allowing you to display your advert in the sponsored link section of Google’s search results. The best part, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. And you can set daily, weekly or monthly budgets.


A robust search strategy should include both PPC and SEO. The two search initiatives, though different in approach, complement each other, offering their own set of unique benefits. SEO ensures a better user experience for site visitors, improves search engine ranking, generates more organic traffic and achieves results in the medium to long term. By comparison, PPC is a paid search initiative that only works for the lifespan of the campaign, but ensures your defined market is exposed to your messages across the web.


Over and above the fact that your competitors are using it; it is a vital component in ensuring business success in today’s increasingly competitive digital economy. Entrusting your PPC advertising and management to specialists will give you the following benefits:

  • Fast results

Content marketing and SEO take a medium to long-term approach to generating more website traffic, whereas PPC offers virtually instant results.

  • Cost-effective & budget friendly advertising

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. What’s more your ad will only be visible to relevant users.

  • More traffic & more conversions

The quality of the traffic coming in and the quantity will vary depending on how talented your PPC specialists are. The defining characteristic of a quality PPC agency is conversions. A well-crafted campaign will do more than drive more traffic to your website; it will also increase engagement.

  • Greater brand awareness and exposure

PPC’s unique capacity for accuracy means if a user fits your target profile and happens to search for keywords related to your industry or service, they’ll be introduced to your brand. PPC enables an instant connection for people seeking what you offer.

  • Fair & square

Google doesn’t play favourites when it comes to PPC. Find a professional team of PPC experts who will oversee your campaign and ensure your business enjoys as much online exposure as the most established companies. This is because Google chooses pages according to how well they address a given search query.

  • Analysis & ROI

For your business to thrive you need to make sure you’re getting a return on your marketing investment. PPC advertising gives you an accurate quantifiable reflection of your advertising campaign. You only pay when your ad is clicked on, and we’ll provide you with detailed feedback: including the number of impressions, the click-through rate, the cost per click, and the position of your ads. If you’d like to maximise your digital marketing value, work with Titan’s seasoned PPC account managers.

  • Pinpoint accuracy

PPC allows you to target consumers at the right time, in the right place with the right ad. It can even target specific devices, like mobile. The days of the scatter-gun approach are gone, accurate and specific target marketing is achieving incredible results for SMEs and LMEs alike.

  • Testing

With pinpoint accuracy and detailed feedback, PPC gives you the opportunity to panel beat future campaigns using past results. It also gives you invaluable information such as the most effective keywords to implement across your other marketing channels. As a holistic marketing agency, Titan never does anything in isolation. We deliver comprehensive integrated solutions.


  • International team of digital specialists
  • Experienced account managers
  • Proven record of success (Read our case studies)
  • Integrated approach to digital marketing

One of only 14 Google Premier SME Partners in Australia.

Titan is one of only 14 companies to have achieved Google Premier Partner status. We are immensely proud to carry this title and will continue to provide you with excellent service and ROI.

The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Programme (PSP) accepts a limited number of Australian agencies, with applicants assessed on their ability to deliver professional Google advertising solutions to SMEs.

Head of Google’s ANZ channel sales partnerships, Alex Storey said, “The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Programme was created to help small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the time or resources to manage their advertising campaigns. Our PSP partners like Titan offer expertise, experience and end-to-end customer service, allowing them to manage AdWords campaigns while business owners focus on their core businesses.”

At Titan, we align our holistic marketing initiatives to your specific business goals for effective collaboration, ensuring we all work towards the same objectives. Our digital specialists will deliver the full suite of AdWords management products, from PPC to display network advertising and re-marketing.

Trust Titan to grow your online presence and increase customer conversions with professional PPC management.

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