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Email was the first content marketing tool and it’s just as relevant today. Effective email marketing is the happy marriage between compelling content and database-driven marketing. Offering a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, we will help your business communicate directly with your clients by crafting personalised messages that will form part of a wider content marketing strategy.

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Email marketing is an effective and direct way of sending tailored messages to your customer list. The unique capacity to convey your message quickly and directly to the people you want to target is invaluable. Companies seeking to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients now choose email marketing over radio or television. Staying in touch with your customers promotes customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.


Because you’re emailing your own database of contacts who have agreed to receive communication from you, you can personalise your message. This type of direct marketing approach ensures that selected clients receive regular valuable information about your products, services and promotions.


  • Cost-effective.
    There are initial setup fees, but when compared to traditional marketing platforms, email marketing come out tops for overall affordability and effectiveness.
  • Quick & efficient.
    A single click allows you to send a uniform or personalised message to hundreds or thousands of database addresses. Best of all – these people signed up to receive your news, so you have a receptive audience!
  • Awareness.
    Not only is email marketing content shareable, but with the right strategy and implementation, you’ll stay top-of-mind with your audience.
  • Enhances customer relations.
    Staying in touch with your clients fosters brand loyalty and repeat business.
  • It’s measurable.
    Email marketing provides measurable results that you can use to improve your marketing strategy. Know who opened your email and when.


The Titan team will assist you in formulating an email marketing strategy suited to your needs. The areas we will manage include:

  • Local support and advice: Each client gets a dedicated campaign manager who will work closely with you to ensure we deliver a successful email marketing plan.
  • Personalised marketing: We will design and develop an email template suited to your business; we will also assist you in creating valuable, industry-specific content that speaks to your target market.
  • Email content strategy: You can either create your own content with some guidance from us, or you can give us the guidelines and our specialist copywriters will create the content.
  • Contact list management: Your contact list is your most important asset when it comes to email marketing. We will assist you in building your database, and help you manage it in a way that ensures the right messages reach the right people.
  • Advanced tracking & reporting: This process provides you with valuable insight regarding your target market’s interaction with your marketing material. We can assess who opens your mail, how long they spend reading it, which links they click and how many unsubscribe.

Our email marketing caters to small businesses and large corporations from a variety of industries. We will design an effective, branded email template and conduct any training for your staff, if necessary.

When it comes to getting your message out in an appropriate manner, you want to deal with an email marketing agency that is a specialist in the field. Titan is that agency; contact us for effective and affordable email marketing services.

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