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Titan is a comprehensive digital marketing agency, operating in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our unique formula for online marketing success strikes the balance between creative innovation and practical application as well as effective online and offline communications. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, we provide an integrated approach, giving your business the digital marketing agility it needs to compete, grow and thrive in today’s fast-paced economy.

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Digital marketing is the term used to describe the portfolio of online marketing services and initiatives that will help your business achieve its goals. These platforms include social media, Google search, paid advertising and content marketing.

Digital marketing is a critical component to accomplishing your business objectives in today’s market. So what makes a genuinely effective online marketing agency?

  • Experience with more than 1000 clients

We have helped more than 1000 clients grow their businesses online through the creative use of technology; the best way to define a digital marketing agency is by what they do and how they do it. Here’s what we offer:

  • Data driven results

Digital marketing has opened the door to a whole new way of understanding your target audience, their wants and their needs. Using detailed data and insights, we equip your business with all the tools necessary to establish its place in the market. Data is a critical part of our formula, allowing us to deliver communications that resonate with your clients.

With our finger firmly on the pulse of digital trends, we harness creative problem solving and innovation to craft strategic business marketing solutions. Our strategies are actionable, aligning with your core business objectives to ensure your business is geared towards maximising ROI, yet still flexible enough to pivot, shift and adapt when need be.


  • A clear definition of your market

Our digital solutions help you as a business clearly define your target market. You will receive a clear breakdown of your market’s demographics, purchasing power and locations. Knowing exactly who you are providing your services to allows us to help you streamline your offering and target the right people at the right time in the right areas.

  • Reach your target market

Once your target market is clearly defined and segmented, we will map the best way forward to engage them. We believe in connecting your brand with the relevant people and attracting traffic that converts into sales. Our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to ensure that we achieve optimal results for your business.

  • Business growth

The goal of any business exercise is to make a positive contribution to your bottom line. We always strive to maximise your return on investment, delivering holistic online solutions that are relevant, adaptable and effective.

In this day and age, digital has become an integral part of any business strategy. We know that technology and markets change all the time, that’s why we create agile strategies that can be easily modified when need be. With us, you’ll always be one step ahead.


Yes you do! Having amassed a wealth of experience on how to develop a digital strategy, we’ve learnt an important fact: Every business – large and small – needs a digital strategy. Fact. Our digital specialists have the expertise to craft a unique digital strategy that will set your business apart and grow your brand. Armed with a robust digital marketing plan, your cost-effective 12-month programme will set you down the path to reaching your business objectives and goals. Not only will you enjoy increased traffic from a relevant online audience, but your ability to improve revenue will improve exponentially as well.


Digital is more than a set of technologies; it is the ability to get an effective brand building process underway using the available digital tools. An effective digital strategy will give you the following benefits:

  • Clarity & direction
  • In-depth understanding of your target market
  • Increase in market share
  • A compelling online value proposition
  • Better relationship building with your online customers
  • Cost savings on unnecessary duplication and wastage of resources
  • Agility to keep up with digital trends and evolutiond evolution

Our digital marketing capabilities

We use the full suite of digital marketing tools available to us including:

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