What’s in a word? Everything these days. Staying ahead of your competition requires a masterclass in content marketing and storytelling. At Titan, we take our sentences seriously, choose our words wisely and produce detailed imagery, because we understand the impact they have on your business and brand. A robust content marketing strategy is integral to the effectiveness of your business’s marketing campaign. The content we create is results driven and geared towards helping your business achieve its objectives.

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Our team of seasoned creatives carries a wealth of experience that spans more than 1000 clients from multiple industries. They have written tens of thousands of words, researched thousands more, and designed and created content across all media. When you trust us to oversee your content marketing strategy, you can rest assured we will invest the time and effort it deserves. This allows us to speak from an informed position so we can connect, open and maintain dialogue with your target audience.

The content we craft includes:


Content marketing takes a distinctly different approach to communication and messaging. Whereas traditional content was aimed at pushing your target market towards your services, content marketing takes a more tactful and agreeable approach. It focuses on creating credible quality content that will attract a relevant audience, helping you grow your market share.

We don’t create content purely to entertain and engage; our content is designed to market your business in order to accomplish the crucial goal of maximising your revenue and ROI.

Four essential elements to a successful content marketing strategy are:

  • A content plan
  • Quality content
  • Content promotion
  • Content strategy analysis

The content plan

As part of your content marketing strategy, we’ll put together a plan which can be followed and used to benchmark progress. A well worked out content plan will ensure that everyone is accountable and pulling in the same direction.

Quality content

The team of content creators at your disposal knows how to bring a content plan to life. Each word is carefully drafted in a language, tone and feel that speaks directly to your target audience. Each image and video is unmistakably associated with your brand for all the right reasons. Most importantly, content serves a purpose that both your business and your audience will value. It will:

  • Educate your audience
  • Improve exposure
  • Build credibility
  • Encourage dialogue & repeat interactions

Content promotion

Regardless of how good your content is, it still needs to be supported by a dedicated digital marketing plan. But how is it done? We’ll not only create the content but help you promote it using the following channels:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media
  • Email marketing

Content Strategy Analysis 

As with any effective business strategy, measuring its performance is a critical part of the process, particularly if it is to stay relevant for the foreseeable future. Using both qualitative and quantitative content analysis, we will regularly assess your marketing strategy and its performance, providing you with a detailed analysis. We value your bottom line as much as you do, and will do what is necessary to ensure you get the ROI you deserve.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 35% of marketers who have a documented content strategy are more effective with their content marketing than those who do not. Creating an effective content marketing strategy will ensure you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration

Our content marketing strategy will include blogs, e-newsletters, infographics and e-books which can be shared across an array of platforms, helping drive traffic to your website and grow your brand.

  • Greater understanding of your audience

Gated content, which requires the reader to fill out a form to access it, can be used to collect data and generate new leads, increasing revenue and maximising your return on investment.

  • Improves your exposure

Our content plan is structured around providing valuable and sharable content. This content will increase your online exposure and improve brand awareness, credibility and recognition. Your audience will appreciate the knowledge being shared and pass it on, becoming your advocates and ambassadors. The quality content we produce paves the way for repeat business and referrals.

  • Constant stream of value

We help engage your target audience, keeping them interested long after they’ve visited your website and social media channels. A constant flow of quality content encourages ongoing interaction and fosters a continuous relationship with your customers. What’s more, Google will view you as an authority in your field, ranking you highly as a relevant and reliable source.

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