EXA Web Solutions in liquidation: What now?

Exa Web Solutions announced that the Australian operations of the organisation were going into liquidation on Monday the 22nd February 2016.

This is a sad time for the 60 plus staff that are left without jobs, the clients with potential website and online marketing service issues and others affected.

There is no news yet on what is to become of the company’s India and Thailand operations, that provide production and support.

“We were utterly devastated and had no forewarning about this. We all lost our jobs and livelihood on Monday – it was like a punch in the guts.

Our main concern is the staff who have been left with employee benefits owing and the clients who have lost money or could lose their website,” a former employee said.

Exa’s Industry Footprint

According to Exa’s website the organisation was started in 2000 and was Australia’s biggest digital agency with divisions in India and Thailand.

The company also boasts large national clients such as Pack and Send, Sports Co, James Hardie, The Cheesecake Shop, Good to Go Loans, Ingham, National Australia Bank, and several universities.

According to Exa’s local Perth website, Exa Perth clients included Ambience Air, Auscon, Australian Reliance, Government Communications Australia, Baileys Fertiliser, HR Products, and Jason Signs to name a few.

Where to now?

Titan Digital is investigating how it can help Exa clients in Perth, Sydney and across Australia, and has employed former Exa staff to assist with the process.

“We are sad to see any business go into liquidation, especially when it affects so many staff and clients. We are conscious of only offering a genuine solution,” said Wayne Hughes., Managing Director, Titan Digital.

“We urge all Exa clients to do their own due diligence and obtain legal advice. We are here to help and will not be pushing sales or services.”

“We are offering many Exa clients free interim hosting with Titan Digital, and they will of course be free to move to another company in the future if desired,” said Mr Hughes.

Suggested Steps

  1. Get legal/independent advice
  2. Try to get a full and unencrypted copy of your website
  3. Consider all your options and get as much information as possible, before making a decision.

If you would like to learn more about how Titan can assist, please feel free to get in touch.

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