5 Tips for Local SEO Success

SEO for local businesses can make the difference between success and failure. It’s one thing having a strategy, it’s another having a local SEO strategy that targets the right consumers in the right areas.

Going local with your SEO strategy is relatively simple to implement.

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With more than 2 billion users on the internet you really need to narrow down the search criteria. If you target the keyword “window cleaner” you will see millions of results from around the world, but if you target “Window Cleaner Perth”, you’ll see a significant difference.

A keyword phrase such as “Window Cleaner” will display national, even world-wide web pages, thus the competition will be much greater. While targeting “Window Cleaner Perth” will only have to compete with local window cleaners in the area.


If your business operates in one country it’s recommended that you register a domain name for the country you operate. Google looks at the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in order to decide whether a particular URL is relevant to search results in a particular country. This can be a useful strategy for local businesses, as it’ll give you an advantage over larger international brands, for local keywords.

If you operate in different countries, it is recommended to purchase a ccTLD for each country you operate in. It’s also possible to use subdomains (e.g. australia.yourdomain.com) as well as subdirectories. Instead of using a different domain per country, you could use domain directories for some of the countries that you aren’t actively marketing in (e.g. yourdomain.com/au/ for Australia).


It’s important you provide quality content to your visitors. The more useful content there is on your website, the more opportunities you give searchers to find your products and services.

There are ways to turn everything on an e-commerce site into content. Here are some ways to “free” extra content on your site.

  • Record everything and transcribe it into text. (interviews, comments, opinions etc.)
  • Turn support emails into FAQ pages and place it on your website
  • Turn PDFs into HTML pages
  • Start generating videos of everything your business does

Create content that people can enjoy and keep SEO in mind but remember it’s still a human browsing and reading/viewing your content. If someone lands on a page that was obviously made for a search engine, they’ll leave in a hurry and never come back.


target local audience with seo
Some businesses focus on the local market, while others are nationwide, but wish to target a specific region. This can be tricky as SEO efforts to attract traffic from a specific area might undermine the company’s efforts to receive traffic from other areas, including abroad.

Make sure to include all the locations you services within the body or footer of your website.


While it is possible to successfully optimise your own site you do need a working knowledge of SEO in order to do so. Contact a local SEO company and enquire about their local SEO services. It’s an investment you won’t regret. These companies are specialists in optimising your website for the right target audience.

A lot of these ideas are trial and error. Keep experimenting until the results show your desired outcome.

Contact Titan Digital, your local SEO experts.

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