Instagram marketing
The Rise and Rise of Instagram

Facebook is making a habit of acquiring apps that soon turn into platforms that muster over a billion users. Hot on the heels of Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, their primary Read more

mobile marketing
The Mobile Impact

Before the internet became widely accessible, print advertising was the way to go. Your position in the Yellow Pages would not change based on the relevancy of your two-line promotional text or Read more

google posts - social media
Do You Even Post?

The Decline of Google Plus When we think of social media networks, it’s not often that Google Plus springs to mind. Take into consideration that Facebook has almost 2 billion global users Read more

Facebook to Penalise Slow-Loading Websites

Blame a culture that demands ultimate speed and convenience at every turn When Tesla began building its network of ‘Supercharger’ fast-charging stations in 2012, it addressed two major shortcomings of EVs (Electric Read more