The Titan Story

Most good stories have an unusual beginning; in Titan’s case it came from a chance meeting.

An unexpected beginning

Rewind back to 1999, and you’ll find Wayne Hughes and Andrew Dean sipping on a couple of cocktails while taking in the picturesque views of Bali.

Andrew, a palliative care physician and medical oncologist, observes that more and more of his patients were being misinformed by information they found on the internet. While he appreciates their readiness to research, the quality of the information they are exposed to concerns him.

As the conversation progresses, Wayne finds common ground with Andrew, sharing his many experiences of people in his life being affected by cancer.

Fast forward four cocktails, and the idea to start an Australian-based cancer information hub is in full swing. It would be the first of its kind and a huge undertaking.

Laying the foundation

Andrew boldly presented a paper at the annual Medical Oncologist Group of Australia conference, outlining his vision. Then, along with 35 Australian oncologists spends the next 18 months gathering information on all types of cancers, including treatments, drugs, tests, symptoms, support, trials, etc. While Andrew gathers information, Wayne raises the capital needed to build the site.

The site is completed in August 2001 and The Virtual Cancer Centre (VMC) is launched.

A learning experience

Between 2001 and 2005, many mistakes were made but many a lesson learned. From managing, promoting, content generation and optimising, to marketing membership and growing website traffic growth, it was not an easy project. However, there is no better teacher than experience, and after five years, Wayne and Andrew give VMC a much-needed overhaul, changing it from The Virtual Cancer Centre to Virtual Medical Centre.


During that same time, VMC is awarded the “Prime Minister’s Award for Community Small Business Partnership”, and is chosen as a finalist for Excellence in IT from Aus Industry and the WA IT association award.

Titan… at long last

It’s 2005, and Wayne Hughes, being the entrepreneur that he is, recognises a business opportunity that could make use of all he’s learned. Matching his passion for development to the purpose of supporting the Australian economy, Titan is created. It is his solution to help SME’s improve their online presence and realise their businesses’ potential by harnessing the power of digital.

Starting with just four employees, Titan experienced almost exponential growth, soon working with hundreds of clients.

Dynamic, Daring and Driven

Titan evolves fast, bridging the gap between all platforms, and going from website builder to holistic digital marketing agency. They now offer a range of quality services including branding, social media marketing, AdWords campaign, SEM, SEO, and a suite of premium products in Titan Black for LMEs and government organisations.

Today, our family of specialists has grown from a humble four to 200 scattered across the globe.

We are a multicultural organisation, offering a talented and varied skillset and a deeply engrained culture that strives for excellence. We have offices in Sydney, Perth and Cape Town, with more to come in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland and Vancouver.

Today, Titan has serviced and catered to the digital marketing and branding needs of thousands of clients from a kaleidoscope of different industries. We have no intention of settling and will continue to strive for better service and improved ROI for all our clients.

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