The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

A couple of years ago online marketing was all about web content and how we could best optimise it to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design has made optimizing for numerous devices a real possibility

New Google algorithms were met with tech masters racing to their desktops to source more information and download updates. Mobile websites on the other hand, were a small part of digital marketing and, admittedly, they did not get as much attention as desktop websites, and they didn’t offer half of the features they do nowadays. However, with the evolution of smart phones and the introduction of tablets, mobile marketing has gained a strong following thanks to its convenience. As a result, smart, short, succinct and optimised information has become essential to web developers and business owners.

Mobile phones have completely revolutionised the way we do business, bank, shop and communicate with people around the world. Thanks to the growth in technology, the world has become a much smaller place. The same can be said for business interaction, and how companies communicate and grow from having convenient communication right at their fingertips, the importance of which cannot be understated.

Copy length

There’s no time for elaborate information coated in sugar and dolloped in long-winded insights, mobile users are after instant gratification. Length plays a big part in mobile optimisation because users are impatient and their time is generally limited because they’re on the way to work, or running between appointments. Keep it short and concise.


Small bites of information, bullet points and a headline that really grabs attention, is the way to go. Offer a potential client the user-friendly option to buy online. Throwing them blocks of information that means nothing to them, while they’re going up to the third floor for an appointment, is guaranteed to lose their interest. The name of the game is peaked interested within the first four seconds.

Clearly segment different components

Clients want prices and product information immediately. Don’t leave them scrolling around your mobile site looking for this information. Mobiles have smaller screens, which require less information and more concise data. The users out there want more stuff, faster. It’s all about easy access to relevant information. How we can buy that laptop, order that bicycle or shop for the latest fashion, while waiting in a queue or when your desktop is in for repairs. Key facts, fingertips, instant information: that’s the secret. The amount of content you have on your mobile site, and how slowly or quickly it loads are all integral factors to you making or losing a sale.

Call to Action

A short call to action that hits the emotive note is required for mobile optimisation. Never forget that people buy with emotion and if you don’t have the concise insights, you’re losing business. Stay ahead of the game. E-Commerce sites have reported sales increases of nearly 21% from mobile devices, that’s almost 6% more than previously reported in 2013. Companies are starting to see the fruits of their mobile optimisation labour.

Unlike website content, mobile content needs to be succinct, to the point, and hit home within the first four seconds. If you want to get your mobile site optimised for the best conversion rate, start by speaking to the digital specialists at Titan Digital. It’s the best place to start.