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PPC/AdWords management services for clients in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising, one of the most powerful methods of delivering targeted traffic to your website. PPC, AdWords management, allows you, (the advertiser) to pay a publisher (Google, Bing or Yahoo) to display your ad in their search results or on their network of websites, displaying their advertisements.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, you don’t pay a cent until someone visits your website. Google AdWords management is a highly specialised skill; contact us about our successful track record with hundreds of Australian clients.

Why Do I Need PPC?

Most importantly? Because your competitors are using it. Find out for yourself – type in a keyword related to your industry and see if your competitors appear in the area at the top of the search engine results pages.

Further advantages of PPC advertising include:

  • Targeted reach: PPC management  allows you to target very specific groups (e.g. by suburb or time zone)
  • Instantly measurable results: your campaign can be live only at certain times of the day and you can track every click

What is AdWords?

Owned by Google, AdWords is the most widely used PPC publisher. Google has a 66% share of the total search market in Australia, which is why most businesses choose Google AdWords as their preferred search engine advertiser.

How PPC services work

You pay to have an online ad that links to your website, appear when users type in certain keywords. How often your ad appears depends on:

  • The keywords you choose
  • The search volume associated with these keywords
  • How much you bid on the keywords in relation to your competitors

Using AdWords you can display your ads on two different networks, namely:

Google Search Network

Within the search engine results, your ad will appear in the ‘yellow’ section at the top of the page, or in the right-hand column.

Google Display Network

This network allows you to place your ad on a variety of websites, blogs and related websites that have partnered with Google for advertising revenue.

Re – Marketing

  • Re-marketing allows you to advertise your website to visitors AFTER they have left your site.
  • Titan creates a display ad for you that literally “follows your visitors” as they search the web.

Top positions in search engine results pages can be achieved naturally over time by means of Search Engine Optimisation, whereas a tailored PPC package can provide instant page 1 rankings.


Our comprehensive PPC services will ensure that your campaign gets the very best results.

These include:

PPC Campaign Setup – Get it right the first time

When we set up your PPC campaign, your dedicated account manager will use their understanding of your business and customers’ needs to build the foundations for an effective campaign.

Keyword Selection – Find the hidden gems

Keyword selection is perhaps the most crucial component of any PPC campaign. Our PPC agency experts will review your website, goals and the visitors you want to attract, in order to find the keywords that will ensure relevant placement for your targeted ads.

Determine Your Budget – Maximise your investment

We’ll tailor a campaign that achieves your desired results without breaking the bank. In order to maximise your ROI we’ll focus on the aspects of your business that you wish to showcase.

Ad Copy Creation – Entice potential customers

Our highly experienced team of copywriters will craft the title and description of your ad to entice potential customers to click on your ad instead of your competitors.

Bid Placement – Pay the right amount

Bid placement is one of the most delicate aspects of any PPC campaign. Determining the right price to bid on a given keyword can be time-consuming and confusing. This is why our team of SEO professionals handles the bid placement on your behalf, drawing on extensive experience to ensure that we get it right.

The better we get to know your business and the more targeted ads we create, the more successful your campaign will become.

Campaign Review – Gain a competitive edge

We keep a close eye on your PPC campaign and evaluate its progress every step of the way. We set up conversion tracking, which enables us to monitor the clicks that results in conversions, namely sales or leads for your business.

Monitoring – keeping our eye on the prize

We’ll review your campaign on a regular basis to ensure it is living up to its potential and delivering the results you want to see.

Why Titan Digital?

Titan Digital is one of only 14 Google Premier SME Partners in Australia.

Head of Google’s ANZ channel sales partnerships, Alex Storey said, “The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Program was created to help small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the time or resources to manage their advertising campaigns.

Our PSP partners like Titan Digital offer expertise, experience, and end-to-end customer service so business owners can focus on running their businesses,” said Mr Storey.

“The Google AdWords Premier SME Partner Program (PSP) accepts a limited number of Australian agencies, with applicants assessed on their ability to deliver professional Google advertising solutions to SMEs.”

Titan’s digital specialists deliver the full suite of AdWords management products from PPC to Display Network Advertising and Re-Marketing.