Panda 4.0 Algorithm Update – eBay got squashed by Panda!

Head of Google spam team Matt Cutts confirms the release of Panda 4.0 has affected~7.5% of the search results.

While this change is enough for most webmasters to digest, Google thought they’d be extra nice and roll out another algorithm refresh at the same time. This refresh targets spammy keywords such as ‘pay day loans’.

It was a stormy day at Google!

Google Weather

According to Mozcast, a website dedicated to tracking weather patterns of the Google algorithm, it reported thunder storms with lightning on May 19th followed with a rainy day on May 20th. In SEO words this indicates a large change in ranking across 1,000 hand-picked keywords.

Even though Google recently announced they wouldn’t roll out two updates at the same time, this makes us wonder what are they trying to hide? It definitely makes it much more challenging for us to make sense of any changes.

Who was affected?


Google’s Panda algorithm is aimed at rewarding sites with high quality & unique content, while penalising those with thin and low-quality content.

It is always hard to pin-point exactly what changed, but after reviewing several top sites in Australia, we found majority of these sites within this prestige category weren’t affected, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions at this time.

However, there was one interested causality to the panda. experienced a significant drop in traffic on May 19th.

eBay Google Panda

It’s important to note, that many webmasters with eCommerce sites have experienced a significant decrease in traffic too.

How will this affect your website?

We haven’t noticed much turbulence with our clients. As with all updates there are winners and losers, and even the best can be effected.

If you want to find out if you’ve been affected by Panda, here is a helpful tip:

    1. Go to Google Analytics
    2. Make sure you’re in ‘Reporting’
    3. Click Acquistion
    4. Click Keywords
    5. Click Organic.
    6. Change the data range to compare May 20 – 22 with May 13 – 14
    7. Check for an increase or drop
      Google Analytics Results Post Panda




Unfortunately it’s a little too early to say what changed, however, if you have any concerns feel free to contact one of our friendly staff at Titan Digital to help you.