Online marketing is changing fast….do you know what to do?

With online marketing evolving so quickly let’s reflect on where it started, where it’s going, and what you need to know.

Let’s go back 10 years. What was online marketing? Well, as SEO (organic rankings) was relatively new, there was not much competition, so, with a bit of work, a business could rank well on the first page of Google results.

AdWords was a non-event so there was no need to go there. So for a small monthly investment a business could get onto the front page of Google. Easy.

Fastforward to 2015, what has changed?

Well, SEO has become mainstream and business has to spend 10 times the investment to achieve 60% of the results, and now Google has offered us AdWords as a solution!

Google makes money on AdWords – not SEO – so obviously the more competitive SEO becomes (a natural evolution) the more money switches to AdWords. Afterall, AdWords is that guaranteed first page listing – at a price!

The web has become a very crowded marketplace with businesses both large and small outbidding each other for Google’s attention. Great for Google; not so good for you, the advertiser.

Currently, AdWords has reached the same level of competition SEO reached two years ago, and the cost of that first page slot has gone up from a nominal 10 cents per click (5-8 years ago) to anything up to $100 per click today!

The bottom line is –  it costs 10-20 times more for your Google rankings than it did 10 years ago!

So what’s the solution? Well, thanks to other publishers chasing your advertising dollars, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others now provide opportunities for you to attract customers.

Competition at least improves the options.

So, what should you do? You need a balanced, multi-channel approach that combines SEO, AdWords and social media, with an overriding campaign strategy that connects them all. A one-product solution simply does not work anymore.

As an end-to-end digital communications agency, Titan Digital’s responsibility is to manage your hard-earned dollars to extract the maximum return for your business from these publishers.

Your challenge? Choose the right partner, and trust them to do the right thing for your business.