Mobilegeddon – Googles latest update

On the 21st April Google released their latest update. This has to do with recognising the importance of mobile friendly websites.


What is a mobile friendly website? Well more and more consumers are accessing the internet on mobile phones nowadays, in fact statistics show as many as 65% are now doing this. So what does that mean to your business? Well if your website is not easy to read and navigate on a mobile phone screen resolution, your prospects are going to go to your competitors mobile friendly site.


To build a fully responsive website requires building three different sites, one each to suite mobile, iPad and laptop or desktop screen resolutions (sizes). Think of it this way, if you were to write copy across an A4 page, post that onto a web page and your prospect accesses that page on a mobile phone, what are they going to see?  Well obviously an A4 page is 21cm wide and a mobile phone screen is only 4cm wide, so to read that page one would have to scroll across 17cm. I am sure you have experienced this problem with web pages in the past. Not a good experience especially if you can find that same information on a web page that is written for a 4cm screen.


Google has been warning business for the past 12 months to update their websites to be mobile responsive, and with this latest update have penalised websites that are not.


As a business owner it is our advice that you take this update very seriously and check your Google rankings. If they have dropped off, or you want to avoid that problem occurring, its time to consult your Web Developer for an upgrade to a fully responsive website.

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