Mobile Micro Moments

In Many countries around the world more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers


The new mobile challenge for Digital Marketers is managing Micro Moments. What are Micro Moments? Your prospects moments spent on their mobile phone when they want a quick answer to a question.

Let me explain: Smartphones allow your prospects to find information on the go and take immediate action. Google has conditioned us to expect immediate responses to questions and this creates more demanding and better informed customers. Your prospects preferences and buying decisions are shaped in these Micro Moments.

Google research shows

82% Of SmartPhone users do research on their phone prior to making a buying decision in store

62% Of SmartPhone users are likely to take action to solve a problem after accessing their phone

90% Of SmartPhone users use their phones to make progress towards an objective while ‘out and about’

91% Of SmartPhone users turn to their phones for ideas while doing a task

What should you do about this?

You need to develop a relationship with an experienced team of Digital Marketers. The days of just getting an SEO campaign going are over! To address Mobile Micro Moments and a better informed consumer, requires a responsive website and a bespoke Digital marketing campaign covering SEO/Adwords/Social/E-Mail and many other forms of online marketing.

Interested?  Get in touch with Titans Head of Digital and let him design a campaign exclusively for your business.