Is your business future-proof?


Joining forces with Google to educate business owners

Becoming a Google Premier Partner is no mean feat; it enforces upon us a set of standards and best practices that we are required to stick to. It also empowers us with a set of digital tools, allowing us to help you get the most out of your digital marketing spend.

Google Seminars

Titan’s partnership with Google benefits all our clients, allowing us to provide additional value to businesses across Australia. In order to share our knowledge, we now organise digital marketing seminars around the country. Since last year, we have hosted seven seminars with over 800 business owners having attended to date; these took place in Perth, Sydney, Geraldton and Wollongong.

Our aim is to help companies’ future-proof their businesses, by adjusting your marketing to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. We share the latest insight and information from Google, and we teach you how to maximise your marketing spend by targeting relevant audiences with the right messages.

Digital marketing is not about a random, shoot-and-hope scenario, it’s about carefully crafted communications targeted to a known demographic or audience.

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The Digital Marketing Lab

The Digital Marketing Lab was designed by specialists at Google and Titan Digital to help your business identify gaps and opportunities when compiling your strategies. They are specifically designed to help small-to-medium sized companies grow their business by utilising the best that Google has to offer.

We cut through all the digital jargon and share real world, easy-to-implement ideas that will help you generate high-quality leads in the most cost-effective way.

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Attendees will:

  • Enjoy a short, punchy and interactive presentation, and get the opportunity to analyse your own marketing and online presence.
  • Catch up with the latest digital trends.
  • Learn how to make your business relevant in a crowded market.
  • Learn about Adwords, PPC and other Google marketing tools.
  • Learn how to measure your marketing ROI.
  • Learn how to use analytics to your company’s benefit.

Next Seminars: Canberra and Perth

While spaces are limited at these seminars, we run them as often as we can, and wherever we can. Join us on Thursday 11 August for an interactive workshop at the Canberra Southern Cross Club. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Book now.

We are also planning the next Digital Marketing Lab in Perth at the end of August and you’re invited. Book now.

Stay tuned to our events page for the next seminars coming to a city near you. Sign up to receive the latest information or to book a spot at our next event.

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  • As a Google Premier Partner we are obligated to keep up to date with the very latest digital trends and Google Best Practice.
  • We are fully accountable in everything that we deliver to clients, because its audited by Google.
  • Specialised training is provided and all results are tracked.
  • We can help you access and make use of some of Google’s most innovative digital tools