Interactive content: is this the content future?


As a content marketer, you are always trying to create content that is shareable and engages your audience. This is why the way we share content has evolved over the years. Blog posts, infographics and newsletters have been amplified to generate traffic and leads. The latest trend is interactive content, which is generating positive buzz from content marketers.

What is interactive content?

It is exactly what you expect: content that users interact with. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, interactive content is a great way to showcase your services and engage with your target market.

What types of elements can you include to help make your content interactive?

Quiz me

BuzzFeed is a good example of a website that makes use of quizzes to engage their audience. While they use it as a fun distraction (What Adele song are you?), there are businesses that use quizzes in their content for educational purposes. The results of a quiz guide the user to the content that is most relevant to them, based on their answers. An example could be medical insurance companies, using questionnaires/quizzes to help users determine the best medical aid cover for them. The answers will cover details about their lifestyle, doctor visits, etc.

What do you think about this?

Polls and surveys can take multiple forms and fulfil a wide variety of needs for both the creator and user. It is ideal for collecting feedback and opinions, which can help you structure future content. How can polls and surveys be used in content? If your next blog post is about ‘the importance of winter vegetables’, you could have a poll asking the question: “what is your favourite winter vegetable, meal, or restaurant?”. The results could be published in the article.


You can use text to explain the benefits of using your product or service, or you could use a calculator. Common examples of calculators used in content are ROI, and cost and time-saving calculators. If you’re selling a service or product, calculators are a vital step in the buyer’s journey and can generate good leads. SilkRoad used a calculator to show potential clients how much money they could save with their automation system. If you’re looking to increase lead generation, this is a great strategy.

Picture this

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then go ahead and insert a gallery. Galleries provide the platform to showcase a collection of images, either as part of the content or as content on its own.  If you have great images to showcase from an event or your company’s products or services, then let the pictures do the talking.

Interactive infographics

Infographics have already proven to be vital in content marketing. An infographic can be made interactive with embedded questions, flip tiles, and flexible user paths. Asking questions while the user navigates through your interactive infographic will help turn an information consumption experience into one in which the user also provides information, usually about themselves.

Interactive video

How can users interact with a video? By including hot spots and quizzes. Interactive video creates a conversation between user and marketer. With its interactive elements, it is almost certain that the viewer will receive all the information the video has to offer, and by interacting with the questions posed by the marketer, the marketer can assess a specific problem and diagnose a need.


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