“If my website isn’t live, why am I paying a subscription?”

Customer Support lady

At Titan Digital, we believe that adding value to your experience with us pertains to much more than simply making a website live. Our services are vastly more comprehensive, ensuring seamless integration of digital technology into your marketing efforts.

The following are some examples of what you are investing in during the production stage (A.k.a: pre-live stage) of your website:

Our services during the production stage

  • A dedicated project manager to help guide you through each step of the process, and who will work with the developers and designers on your behalf until the website launches. This includes the feedback given during design reviews and the review of the completed website.
  • Website reservation: While in preparation, a space for your website is reserved, kept secured and updated on our staging servers (the servers on which your website is stored until it is launched).
  • Content Management System support: This is needed for you to be able to make changes on your website.
  • Multiple design changes: During the design phases of the project you are allowed several extra changes without additional charges.
  • Research and set-up of basic SEO maintenance
  • Hands-on training sessions on the CMS (Content Management System)

In closing, the staff here at Titan Digital are dedicated to providing you with continuous quality services, as well as a smooth journey throughout the pre and post-live phases of your website.