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Google Penguin Algorithm Update

In September 2016, Google once again updated its core algorithm, Penguin. Penguin penalises websites that use the “dark arts” or black-hat link outreach schemes to manipulate search results. The new Penguin now updates itself in real time, meaning any adjustments it makes can be done almost immediately following a page crawl. A page crawl is what Google uses to evaluate websites and their appropriateness to relevant search enquiries. Penguin has also further devalued spam, making sure that it affects only the offending page and not your entire website.

Best practice

If your website does not follow Google’s search engine best practices, your entire site, or part thereof, may be negatively affected in the search rankings. You might even lose the Google ranking you worked so hard to get.

Titan to the rescue!

As part of our digital drive and our determination to offer our digital clients added value, we are proud and excited to announce that our specialist SEO team has completed a Spam and Link Audit on all our SEO clients, and we have taken all the necessary steps to safeguard your site. We have been monitoring this algorithm update from before it was announced and rolled out, and acted quickly once it was.

What does this mean?

For those clients that we found risky backlinks in our audit, we disavowed them. This means that Google will no longer consider these links as part of your website’s backlink profile. These changes will be noted in your link marketing audit and explained to you by your campaign manager (CM). Your CM will explain to you the work we do to safeguard your website, giving it the best chance of achieving a high organic ranking.

Moving forward

Spam checks are now being conducted on a regular basis for all SEO clients, and appropriate action is taken when applicable. Maintenance and regular checks of your website’s backlink profile is vital for your website’s search engine visibility. Backlinks can be created by anyone, making it critical to conduct regular checks and ensure that these links are good quality and follow search engine best practices. This should not cause any disruptions to your website at all, and the only difference should be an improvement in your website’s backlink profile.

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