Financial year round-up: How growing our business can grow yours

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As we approach the current financial year end, we have taken a look back on a massive year for Titan Digital and our clients. We are often amazed, especially at this time of the year, to see how much we have achieved in a 12-month period. Sometimes, it’s only when you take a breather, that you can fully realise your achievements. Now, while we are rightly proud of what we have accomplished, we are also proud of the increased value we continue to offer our clients, and the excellent results that they have achieved using our services.

This past financial year has been one of sustained growth at Titan. We have increased our digital offerings and services, allowing us to offer you added value and increased opportunities for success.

Here are some of our highlights from the past financial year:

  1. Technical support now available 7 days a week.
  2. Launch of latest Adwords software technology
  3. Improved service with our dedicated campaign manager department
  4. Launch of new Social Media Products
  5. Brand your business
  6. Add value with video
  7. Google Premier Partner
  8. International Reach


1. Extended support

Effective 1 July Titan will extend our support to 7 days a week to service our diverse client base:

  • Mon-Fri: 8.30am – 9pm AWST,
  • Sat and Sun: 1pm -6pm AWST.

We have also added an extra hour of free support every month. Valued at $1800 p.a.

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2. Launch of latest Adwords software technology – Matchcraft

Titan has invested in the award winning software package Matchcraft. As a Google Premier Partner, we enjoy access to world class Adwords optimisation software, dramatically helping us improve ROI for our Adwords clients.

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3. Improved service with our dedicated campaign manager department

Our very successful, Campaign Manager department has grown to 14 experienced digital analysts, to ensure we can keep providing you with the best service possible.

Titan has already established ourselves as one of the largest and most successful digital marketing agencies in Australia. With a team of digital experts spread around the world, and a commitment to achieving success for all our clients, we can look back on the past year with a huge smile on our face. We look forward to offering you additional services and value during the upcoming financial year, and making it an even more eventful one than 2015.

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4. Launch of new Social Media Products

We continue to launch new products ensuring our clients of increased opportunities and avenues of online success for your business. These include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, email marketing and reputation management packages.


5. Brand your business

Titan Brand hit the ground running and we have taken on a multitude of new branding and rebranding jobs. we have also extended our brand range to meet the growing demand.

Your business, your brand: Our solutions

6. Add value with video

We now offer SEO video packages to enhance your website engagement on key subject matters.

Watch our Titan Digital in-house video commercial as an example to see how a video could add value to your business.

7. Google Premier Partner

Titan’s relationship with Google continues to bear fruit for both parties, and we have jointly hosted six seminars and events across Australia in the past year.

These seminars have attracted hundreds of business owners keen to learn about search optimisation and the success rate of AdWords. Many of our clients are now seeing Titan’s Google relationship as a major strategic advantage that they can profit from.

After winning the 2015 Premier Partner Award for APAC, Wayne Hughes, Titan’s MD, has been invited to attend the Global Premier Partner conference at Google HQ in San Francisco.

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8. International Reach

We continue on our strategy of expanding our digital footprint internationally, allowing us to offer all our clients access to a larger skill pool, improved services and increased international reach and experience.

  • Sydney: Our Sydney office continued their early success, helping expand Titan Digital to all corners of the Australian continent.
  • London & Vancouver: We opened our London office in 2016, we also registered an office in British Columbia, and we look forward to opening our Vancouver office in 2017.
  • Cape Town: Our Cape Town production facilities have undergone a massive upgrade to house our growing team of digital specialists. Our Cape Town numbers have grown from 25 to 85 staff over the past year and cover 3 floors of a premier Cape Town office block.
  • Thailand: We now have a talented web dev team in Thailand, adding to our existing team in Cebu.