Does Your Business Need A Facebook Page?

In today’s digitally dominated business environment, companies and brands throughout Australia are making a name for themselves not by selling their products and services on the sidewalk or in-person giveaways but by utilising the awesome power of social media.

There really is a social media network for everyone – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – take your pick! However, Facebook remains the king with more than 14 million users in Australia alone. With such a large number of users, thousands of news updates and shared content pieces every minute, your business simply cannot afford to miss out on using this crucial marketing tool.

Adding Facebook to your online marketing arsenal will do wonders for your business. It gives your brand the opportunity to interact in real time with other brands and customers as if your brand was human.

Getting started on Facebook is as easy as creating a business page or as elaborate as your digital marketing team decides to go with it. But no matter what level choose, you should get started, here’s why:

Get To Know Your Customer Even Better

After a few months of good Facebook management, you will start to think about your community of followers as old friends. You will have a clear vision of what they like, what they hate and where they show genuine interest. Most importantly, it is about unlocking what they are truly passionate about and implementing this into your brand message.

One massive benefit of using Facebook is the incredibly detailed analytics report. Business owners no longer have to make important marketing decisions based on their gut feeling alone, but can tap into a wealth of knowledge at the click of a button.

It Helps You Keep That Competitive Edge

You may have never considered using any form of social media marketing for your business, unsure of the real value it can bring. The reality is that at least one (if not most) of your competitors are using Facebook to connect and engage with the existing market share.

The reality is that Facebook has proven its worth time and time again, and most brands have already started to take it seriously.

It Improves Customer Services and Communication

One of the most beneficial aspects of using Facebook for your business is its instantaneous nature, making it the perfect place to gain precious user feedback and insights in real time.

Your Facebook followers will talk about you with others, message you directly, and take part in conversations.

It’s Cost Effective

Facebook is an affordable marketing tool for SME businesses, allowing smaller brands to connect with the people that matter most.

The world’s most successful social media network is also the most targeted form of affordable advertising out there today – demographic information allows you to reach almost anyone, anytime, anywhere at your fingertips. The reality is that no mainstream media has the ability to match that targeting.
When it comes down to a decision on whether to use Facebook for your business or not, it is clear that if your business doesn’t jump onto the bandwagon you will surely be left behind.

Written by Darin Lotz