HELP! Display or remarketing?

In order to make a decision about whether to use either remarketing or display, first, we need to understand exactly what both advertising channels entail.

To understand this, we need to begin by explaining what the Google Display Network (GDN) is.

Google Display Network (GDN)

pay per clickThe Google Display Network is a network of websites that allows Google to show banner ads on the sites. We are able to market on this network through the AdWords platform.

Text ads

Similar to the Search Network, text ads on the Display Network are made up of a headline, description, display URL and a destination URL. The difference is that your ads will be seen by users who are interested in a certain services or products, which may be related to the ads.

Text ads are most effective when your ad content is relevant to the target audience. The aim is for the advertising message to catch the user’s eye while they’re browsing, and to match what they’re currently interested in.

Display ads

Display ads are an effective way to grab attention on the Google Display Network. In addition to delivering a specific message, they visually highlight your branding and colours.

AdWords can provide static or animated banners in the following formats: gif, jpg, png and SWF. Currently, there are ten different banner sizes available for display ads.


Remarketing is an innovative advertising solution based on advertising retargeting technology. This sheet shows how remarketing works through Google AdWords and the Google Display Network.

Working principle

Google Remarketing targets users who have previously visited your website and shows them your ads as they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Google Remarketing fulfils several objectives:

  • Increases traffic to your site
  • Boosts sales
  • Develops your brand reputation
  • Grows loyalty and customer retention
  • Improves the return on investment of campaigns
  • Audience list

An audience list – also called a ‘remarketing list’ – includes all the cookies from users who have visited your website. This is the list that Google AdWords will use for retargeting users on the Display Network. Your website cookies are saved on this list by a previously added tag to the code on your site.

You can create as many audience lists as you want. These lists are defined by a membership duration, which is the length of time a user is kept on the audience list and subject to retargeting. While the maximum membership duration is 540 days, it’s best to choose a membership duration that complements the length of your sales cycle.

Advertising messages

Remarketing campaign ads will be shown on the Google Display Network. This means all ad formats are available for campaigns: text ads, video ads and graphical or illustrated ads.

The remarketing message needs to be as relevant as possible to the target audience. Ads can be generalised to grow brand awareness, more specific in offering a special discounts, or highly targeted by offering customers an additional product.

Remarketing via Google AdWords is an effective solution to reach a defined target audience. The power of the Display Network in conjunction with the targeting technology of the AdWords platform offers a great many possibilities for your remarketing campaigns.


Seeing the different targeting options in both display and remarketing means that we would recommend going with both options as they complement each other and are bound to increase brand awareness.