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Established in 2003, Robowash has made great strides in the industry. Since joining the Jasper Group in 2005, Robowash has grown to become the largest supplier of parts cleaning machines in Australia.

We currently employ 25 people and manufacture all our machines locally in Maddington. We have a full range of expertise in our business, from draftspersons to engineers. Our staff members are all high skilled and experienced in the industry, which is why we have such a high client retention rate.

With just under 10 different types of machines, Robowash has come a long way since its first model. We continuously improve our products through ongoing research and development. We build custom parts cleaning machines and agitation tanks, and along with our products, we offer full service and maintenance programs as well as liquid waste removal to ensure you receive the best possible results when using a Robowash product. We are also planning an expansion of our product range and aim to increase our bulk liquid pick up capabilities.

We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company and try our utmost to maintain ‘green’ manufacturing processes. Robowash is an environmentally safe cleaning method, there is no use of hydrocarbon or solvents involved in the cleaning process.

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