Choosing a SEO Company in 2014

Searching for a SEO company that is right for your company is a potential pitfall. Like any sort of service, there are plenty of organisations out there that are willing to guarantee top results but in the world of SEO, that claim is unrealistic.

What I am going to explore in this article is what to look for when you are tasked to choose a SEO company. What sort of questions should you be asking  before you even contact one? What services do they actually provide, and more importantly, how are they going to implement these services specifically to meet the needs of your business?

What should you be asking yourself?


Why have you decided to use SEO? Is it merely to help drive traffic to your website and generate sales, or are you having other issues? Is your website not visible in search results because it has been penalised by Google?

Whatever the reason, it is best to ask yourself why before picking up the phone and calling an agency, because if you know what you’re after, you can short list agencies prior to picking up the phone. If you want to increase sales or leads, focusing on rankings isn’t your best option. I’ll discuss this in more detail later on.

The other question you should ask yourself is if the SEO company you’re looking at has the credentials and experience necessary to help you.

Here is a checklist to see if they are both legitimate and capable:

Business Details

  • Do they have a real address that you are able to go to during normal business hours?
  • Can you consult with a representative (we call these ‘campaign managers’) that you can meet in person?

If the business has this sort of structure in place, it is evident they have long term goals in mind and are not interested in a quick grab for cash.


  • Can they demonstrate previous achievements of their SEO work?
  • Have they got a portfolio that demonstrates any case studies?
  • Do they have any testimonials from their clients?

Do a bit of research.

How do they perform themselves?

  • Have they been successful themselves?
    For example, our sister company ‘Titan Web’ is well-known and visible in most search phrases for web design. If you don’t believe us, search “web design”.

Note: We are a local business in Perth, Western Australia, so if you’re not in this area, you’ll probably see a different set of results that are more localised.

What services do they provide?

Congratulations, by following the previous suggestions, you have successful eliminated a great proportion of agencies that do not meet a few, simple criteria. Now you are left with a handful of hopefuls. The next thing you should be looking at is exactly what sort of service they provide. A great SEO company has to constantly evolve their practices in order to meet the ever-changing digital environment and will offer a range of services to meet your needs. Below is a list of what is considered to be standard in SEO and digital services.


  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Optimisation
  • Content writing
  • Content optimisation
  • Link marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Local SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Reporting

If they are not offering most of these, then you can pretty much forget about using them.

PPC (Pay Per Click) – Adwords

Pay per click (PPC) is big business. Most people refer PPC as AdWords, which is Google advertising network. PPC helps people find ads that relate to their search query and allows your business to connect to your customers at potentially a minimal cost. So, if you wanted to pursue this avenue, ensure that there is someone on their digital team that is Adwords Qualified.

Email Marketing

A lot of brands are jumping on board with this marketing strategy and it’s not hard to see why. It is cost effective, instantaneous, and directs content at your target audience.

Social Media

Like it or lump it, it is evident that social media is here to stay. It not only plays a pivotal role in marketing, but is becoming more recognised as a key component to an overall successful SEO campaign. Interaction with quality content assists with increasing the SEO signals that are necessary for raising your business’s search visibility.

Web Design

I believe a well-designed website is extremely important to the success of your online campaign. What is the point of pouring your hard earned cash into SEO or PPC, for visitors to bounce off your website within seconds, due to a bad user experience? Not all SEO agencies can design and build websites. However, I can’t emphasise the importance that your SEO agency either has a web development department, or either has a good relationship with a business that can make changes on request.

You’ve picked a SEO company to contact. What next?

It is here that the company outlines a SEO strategy for you. Be wary if they give you a cookie cutter plan that shows you how many links, articles, keywords etc. they are going to use, because this method has not be tailored for your business, and as you know your business is unique and requires a different approach to make it stand out from the competition.

By no means accept their definition of success as a higher ranking either. Their campaign managers should be sitting down with you to discuss the goals and nuances of your business, and through a holistic approach, show you how they are going to increase your leads and sales (conversions) using the range of services mentioned above – because at the end of the day, a higher ranking means very little unless it is translating into actual business revenue.

Titan Digital is all that and more.

Titan Digital is an international digital marketing agency. They endeavour to understand your business intimately and use that knowledge to raise your business’s online profile. They don’t believe in cheap tricks, also known as blackhat techniques, to improve your ranking but rather have a far-sighted view about how to maximise your business potential online. Their process is transparent so you, the client, know exactly what you are paying for. If you’d like to know more get in touch with one of our Campaign Managers and find out what we can do for your business.