6 Ways to grow your business with internet marketing

Grow your Business with internet marketing strategies

Grow your Business with internet marketing strategies

Internet marketing for small businesses is not about spending big to get eyes on your site, it’s about spending wisely. The digital information age provides small businesses with unprecedented access to millions of people, many of whom are potential customers.

Start growing your business through targeted and well thought out internet marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO for Small to Medium Business

Imagine your small to medium size business is a needle in a haystack. Now imagine people trying to find it without directions. Pretty much impossible.

People make close to 100 billion Google searches every month, that’s an average of 3.3 billion searches a day. Many of those searches are for similar needles to yours in the same haystack. Good SEO will make sure your site ranks well on Google and targeted relevant searchers reach your site. Don’t be the needle in the haystack.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is an internet advertising solution that allows you to use specific keywords to attract relevant customers to your landing pages. Companies initiate an online advertising campaign and only pay when their ad is clicked on.

PPC is a results driven system whereby your budget determines where you rank. Set a budget with an effective campaign and your chances of appearing on Google’s top pages will be significantly increased.


This one is a real no-brainer. With nearly half the world’s web surfers predicted to be accessing the web via their mobiles in 2015, it makes complete sense to ensure your website is mobile friendly. When developing your website – stipulate to your developer that your site must be Mobile-Optimized: You shouldn’t need to, but best to make sure.

If your site is up and running and not mobile optimised – spend what is necessary to get it that way. It’s really that simple.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence for Business

Social media is almost as common as the internet itself. No business with a web presence can afford to not have a social media presence.

1. Target relevant market
Build a community of people who like your brand and products. Know your target audience, know where to find them, then reel them in with point 2 below.
2. Great content
Good content attracts people and keeps them. Witty, funny, relevant, practical and intelligent postings will increase your followers and raise your company profile.
3. Post regularly
The most successful brands post once a day each week, every week. You can post more but don’t ever flood your timeline.
4. Engage
You want people to comment and like your posts so engage them in conversation or recognise their efforts. Simple and effective.


Online Video for Small Business

Video consumption is on the rise with YouTube accounting for close to 30% of all Google searches, while about 80% of web surfers watch online videos at least once a week.

Other research has led to predictions that video will account for over half of all Internet traffic by 2015. This not a wait-and-see option – it’s a tried and tested way of increasing traffic to your web site.

Video is an amazing way to sell your company as well as its products or services. Moving pictures with sound is still the number way to sell or entertain. If you can do both, you’re fast on your way to success.

Link Marketing

Link building is still a great way to expand your web reach, increase visitor traffic and improve search engine ranking and online credibility, particularly for the small business.

Here are three steps to help you earn inbound links and improve your online credibility with Google:

  • Know who or which credible sources you want to link to you.
  • Make sure your web site is professionally designed, user-friendly and has great content.
  • Build symbiotic relationships with relevant clients and web sites